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Sacroiliiac Joint Disorders (also Sacroiliitis, Sacroiliac Joint Sprain) are

conditions that affect the Sacroiliac Joints, which are beneath the buttocks on

both sides. The condition may affect either the right or left side, or both. This

may start due to arthritis of the joints, or after traumatic injury as in a fall on the buttocks.  It can occur after childbirth with stretching of the pelvis and sacroiliac joint ligaments.  Often the pain begins for seemingly no reason at all.


Pain is often worsened with sitting (especially on hard surfaces), getting up from a seat, or after driving, and sometimes with walking. Patients can often localize the pain to an area over the buttock with one finger, which is called a Fortin's Finger sign, the pain may radiate into the back of the thigh when it is more severe.  The condition may be diagnosed by history and physical examination, and sometimes

X-ray, CT, or  MRI.

TREATMENT initially consists of pain medication and physical therapy. 

Chiropractic treatment may also be helpful for this disorder.  If pain does 

not resolve then the following treatments are hepful or curative:


1. Sacroiliac Joint Injection

2. Sacroiliac Joint Radiofrequency Ablation or Endoscopic Denervation  

3. Sacroiliac Joint Fusion - Minimally Invasive Arthrodesis                                       

Sacroiliiac Joint Disorders

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