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Sacroiliac Joint Stabilization

If Sacroiliac Joint pain and disfunction persists after conservative treatment with Physical Therapy, Chiropractic, Joint injections, medications a Sacroiliac joint stabilization/fusion procedure may be

considered.  Especially when patients get good but temporary relief

of symptoms from sacroiliac joint injections, this minimally invasive procedure will generally provide a high degree of long term relief involves implanting one small bone allograft into the SI joint to

stabilize and fuse the dysfunctional joint.


The entire procedure is done through a single, small incision on the patients back. Patients leave the hospital or surgery center the same day, shortly after surgery and can usually resume daily living activities shortly 


Unlike other Sacroiliac fusion techniques this procedure stabilizes the 

joint immediately and allows the patient to be weight bearing and

walking upon leaving the hospital or surgery center.

SI fusion2.png
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