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Cervical Facet Block

CERVICAL FACET JOINT INJECTIONS are for treatment of neck pain and stiffness of facet joint arthritis or inflammation of the joints after trauma such as whiplash.  This is a simple and safe procedure that is generally performed with local anesthesia, or may be performed with IV sedation.  Using real-time X-ray, (Fluoroscopy) a thin needle will be guided into the arthritic or inflamed facet joint, and a small amount of fluid containing an anesthetic agent and a long acting anti-inflammatory medication similar

to cortisone will be precisely placed into the involved joints.  This will quickly decrease pain and stiffness.  Symptoms may return over a period of time, and the duration of relief is variable, sometimes lasting many months. 


If there is a very high degree of reduction of pain and stiffness, but the duration of relief shortens over time, you may obtain longer lasting relief from a Cervical Facet Rhizotomy



Yes, in the hands of an experienced Pain Physician it is a very safe and simple procedure that is well tolerated.


No, the procedure is generally performed with local anesthesia and

well tolerated with mild discomfort. However, you may choose 

IV anesthesia for additional comfort should you wish it.  After

the procedure, there should be no more than mild stiffness from

the injections, and onset of pain relief is rapid.

cervical faccet joint injection

Location of pain from each

of the Cervical Facet  Joints

cervical facet joint injection
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