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Annular Tear of Disc 

ANNULAR TEARS OF DISCS or simply ANNULAR TEAR is a condition referring to a degenerated intervertebral disc or discs which have a tear in the outer layer of the disc or "annulus".  This does not generally happen in healthy discs, but at some point, as a disc degenerates and becomes more brittle, cracks or fissures may develop and a tear may occur in the annulus (outer layer).  Fluid fills into the tear, and over time blood vessels and nerves may grow into the area of the tear.  When an affected person bends forward at the waist or straightens up after bending there may be intense pain as this puts strain on the disc. Pain may also occur with sitting.  The diagnosis of Degenerative Disc with annular tear is made on MRI.  However, MRI cannot tell if the Annnular Tear is responsible for the patient's symptoms.  Usually a DISCOGRAM is ordered to see if the tear is responsible for causing the patients' symptoms.

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